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Changing or Hiding IP: Is It Really Necessary?

Internet protocol or IP address is what identifies users on the internet. Every user has a unique IP address. A lot of people do not pay attention to it, but they may have to.

There is no doubt about the benefits of the internet. It makes communication, research and several other things faster and simpler. While a user visits different sites however, he becomes vulnerable. Through the IP address, a user leaves a digital footprint, making it easy to track his activities and personal information including his geographical location.

He subjects himself to data collection. Among the things that marketing groups, search engines, etc. track are internet usage, web history, computer system and other personal information.

A user does not have to be vulnerable on the internet. He can protect himself. If privacy is something that a user values, changing or hiding his IP address may not be a bad idea.

Why would someone change his IP address? Hackers and fugitives are not the only ones changing IP addresses. Average users can surf the internet anonymously. They can benefit from the change more than they know.

Learn about the ways how to change IP address.

Protect Oneself from Spyware and Other Online Threats

The biggest benefit of changing or hiding one's IP address is protection from threats. As the name suggests, spyware monitors activities. This software is automatically installed on a user's system when he reaches maximum free downloads from certain websites. Once the software is installed in the computer, user activities are monitored. Personal information may also be compromised. This makes a user vulnerable to hacking as well.

Avoid Pop Ups and Ads

Unless access to websites is paid for, a user will be bombarded with pop ups and other ads when visiting them. These ads are not only annoying. System efficiency suffers. In fact, it is also possible for one's system to stop functioning altogether. There are ad blockers that may be used for getting rid of these pop ups. However, the most effective way to avoid them is through an IP change.

Diminish Spam

Personal information is obtained by online marketing groups not only from getting users to sign in to websites. Obtaining information for marketing purposes is also accomplished by spyware. This is why average users get flooded with junk mails. One of the best ways to diminish spam is to change or hide one's IP address.

Search engines and social networking sites track user activities and online habits indefinitely. In other words, if a user wants to surf the internet safely, changing or hiding his IP address may prove to be a smart move. The need to hide or change IP address becomes much more apparent when a user has confidential information to protect.