Surf Easy Review

  • Over 1000 servers in 28 different countries
  • Some servers works with Netflix
  • Offers email and phone support
  • Very user friendly PC & Android apps
  • Blocks annoying "tracking" advertising
  • Single click IP masking can be enabled
  • Unlimited use on up to 5 devices simultaneously

Surf Easy VPN Features

Every high-quality VPN is going to have similar general features, but diving into the really specific details is what separates the men from the boys. In this case a dive into the nitty-gritty showed that Surf Easy definitely holds up to the competition.

This is a really solid setup. Although bank level encryption is not the military level encryption some of the absolute top options offer, it is more than enough for over 99% of the potential customers out there, and the free try-out is a really nice touch. Not a lot of competitors offer that. The 7-day money back guarantee is pretty standard in the industry but the prices are very competitive compared to the top names in the industry, especially if your needs are relatively low.

Does Surf Easy Make The Grade?

There's a lot to like here. The features are rock solid, the pricing plans are more than fair for both monthly and annual plans, and the updated blog shows that they are actively adding content, developing the business, and creating more useful resources for visitors. That is always a good sign and indicates they are engaged in putting out a truly premium VPN service that meets their customers' needs. While they aren't absolute top of the mountain top, they are a relatively young company and definitely an upper tier option.

There's a lot to like about their VPN options as they stand now, and it's hard to believe they won't become even better in the future. When it comes to the competition, Surf Easy definitely makes the grade and has substance behind the stylish moniker.

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Surf Easy's parent company is Symantec, and they advertise as a quality "no-log" VPN for every device. This is great off the bat because what's the point of protecting privacy if all that information is recorded on a stored log somewhere? What's the point of protecting your online activities if it's all recorded and stored in a separate place that can be hacked?

This company focuses on VPNs exclusively, and that means a lot of support, good technical focus, and a quality product that you can depend on. That does show in the quality in-depth protection that is provided.

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